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Foals – Inhaler

6 Nov

Nice new song by Foals. Upcoming album early next year, sounds good. Though I must say it’s going a bit too epic and too little dancing. They got some sort of 90’s feever.


Ty Segall – Girlfriend

16 Oct

A couple of years from now, this will be a standard indie dance party song everywhere. I can’t wait for that. Seems like hand-clapping, gritty garage rock is back in town, to stay hopefully!

Pearl Jam – Do the Evolution

30 Aug

I’ve been listening to  Thao & Mirah again, and I can’t stop thinking about this song. This video was pretty big, right? Enjoy.

Mompox – So Mad

15 Aug

So another hint from Domingos:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/18221313]

Battles – Ice Cream

12 Aug

the song is pretty interesting, though I’m not SOOO into it yet, maybe it’ll grow on me. But the video is great.

Owls – Anyone Can Have a Good Time

11 Aug

No info on these guys, too lazy for wikipedia right now. But the song is pretty nice.

Cake – Mr. Mastodon Farm

4 Aug

I’ll buy a beer to anyone who can explain this chorus to me. “Mr. Mastodon Farm cuts swatches out of all material??” WTF??? Very fun song though!