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Ty Segall – Girlfriend

16 Oct

A couple of years from now, this will be a standard indie dance party song everywhere. I can’t wait for that. Seems like hand-clapping, gritty garage rock is back in town, to stay hopefully!


Girls – Vomit

30 Aug

I talked about them before, with their amazingly retro-beautiful clip/song Lust for Life. This is much more somber and dark, but it is a very nice song indeed. The record is coming soon apparently. Enjoy

The Beta Band – Dry the Rain

2 Aug

One of the highlights of the “High Fidelity” soundtrack. By the way, “The Aliens” is made up of ex-Beta Band members. I love the scene where John Kusack puts on this song in his store and announces he will now sell five Beta Band cd’s. When a customer comes over and says “these guys are pretty good.” he replies smugly “I know!”.

The Aliens – Robot Man

2 Aug

Pretty sweet song by the aliens. The kind of song that makes me want to dance!