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One Year in Berlin, Already? (Grizzly Bear – Shift)

10 Nov

So, it’s been around a year I’ve moved to Berlin (actually more, but who cares), and I’ve been reminiscing about the time so far a bit. I was really looking forward to moving to Germany, specially coming from São Paulo, a place where hardly anything ever works. Good public transportation, efficient public services, etc. But moving to Berlin, you soon get used to the phrase “Berlin isn’t Germany.” And it’s actually kind of true, although I’m not sure if it’s so much a problem with Berlin, or if it’s just that Germany isn’t what it used to be anymore. And I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing either.

For one, I can tell a pretty good story about the german postal service. As it turns out, the german Post office has changed its business model to being a bank that provides postal services. I, thinking that having an ATM at every post office was a good idea, opened a bank account there. Well, ironically, they couldn’t manage to mail my wife’s bank card in four months. Honestly. They’re the freaking post office, and they’ve already lost FOUR bank cards in the mail. They didn’t get sent back, they didn’t get lost, they just disappeared. FOUR TIMES. Sometimes I think I’ve upset someone in there at some point in time, who knows.

Any foreigner coming to Berlin can surely share some stories about the department of imigration as well. Funnily enough, you can’t find a single person that speaks english at the Imigration department in Berlin. I’ve heard lots of stories that in small cities like Osnabruck or Bielefeld this isn’t a problem, yet Berlin isn’t Germany.

So, after one year I can say for sure, Berlin isn’t Germany. It’s not São Paulo either, and both things are actually great most of the time. Ok, so here’s another Grizzly Bear song for the coming winter. I hope they put out a new album, soon, i’m starting to burn holes into the old ones from overlistening them.