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Goldfrapp – Train

13 Nov

One of those bands I managed to overlook for about a decade or so. Pretty sweet sounds.


J Fernandez – Wasting the New Year

13 Nov

After posting this here and fussing up and down in the tubez of the interwebz, I asked on this guy’s soundcloud page where the music is to be bought. Surprisingly, he actually took the time to thank me for the interest and tell me that the songs would be on a double EP on iTunes soon. It is now. Go, and buy it. Pretty awesome tracks, pretty great songs. I like this one, specially.

tUnE-yArDs – My Country

9 Nov

Who wants to dance, huh? Sounds like Vampire Weekend made a dent somewhere in the music scene after all. Pretty dancy, upbeat fun music. Excellent way to start up a friday!

Bon Iver – Coachella Concert

6 Nov

I went to watch Bon Iver yesterday, and though I still haven’t figured out how to properly pronounce the band’s name, it was very awesome. I really didn’t expect EVERY SINGLE noise in the album to be reproduced live, but they brought 9 dudes on stage and with a bass sax, tenor sax, trumpet, trombones, xylophone, two drums, percussion and what else you can imagine. There’s the whole concert below, but just the two first songs will probably give you a good idea of the feel. Pretty awesome, that is.

PS: what is it with sound engineers and berlin and drums, they just don’t mix i guess.

Foals – Inhaler

6 Nov

Nice new song by Foals. Upcoming album early next year, sounds good. Though I must say it’s going a bit too epic and too little dancing. They got some sort of 90’s feever.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – How Can U Luv Me, Little Blu House, Ffunny Friends

5 Oct

Just got around to hearing these guys. Pretty nice very lo-fi, trippy slow rock. Dancy bits sprinkled in the middle here and there, pretty nice guitar sounds, interesting effects. Right kind of music if you ask me.



In the Fall (Game of Pricks – Guided by Voices)

17 Aug

Nice little animation about the end of life, in a funny way. Song is pretty good too. I’d really expect Guided by Voices to be a hardcore metal band, but nope!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/27582815]