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Beaunoise and the return of Cassettes (really??)

11 Aug

So, the vinyl has always been keen to many audiophiles. The cassette not so much. If I remember it right, these were the tapes that always, broke, gave distorted sound, were reeking with mold if you let them sit in a moist spot for twenty minutes and whatnot. But apparently they’re the latest trend again. This guy, Beaunoise, part of Clive Tanaka’s Orquestra, put out a 100-piece edition of a tape release, which is sold out. The song is available for free in mp3, but as he says on the site

Files have been generated digitally, and lack the saturation and character of tape transfers.

Head over there and get it anyway, seems nice.


Owls – Anyone Can Have a Good Time

11 Aug

No info on these guys, too lazy for wikipedia right now. But the song is pretty nice.

The War on Drugs – Come to the City

10 Aug

Cool song from Philadelphia (go Phillies!!). via something, don’t know what

[audio http://www.scjag.com/mp3/sc/cometothecity.mp3]

Cake – Mr. Mastodon Farm

4 Aug

I’ll buy a beer to anyone who can explain this chorus to me. “Mr. Mastodon Farm cuts swatches out of all material??” WTF??? Very fun song though!

Funk Como Le Gusta – 16 Toneladas (16 Tons)

4 Aug

This is a nice cover by brazilian funk-sould band Funk Como Le Gusta. The original is by Merle Travis, but the cool version is by Tennessee Ernie Ford, below. The brazilian version lacks the social commentary, but it’s got more groove to make up for it.

The Whip – Blackout (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

3 Aug

remembering maximal techno. I’d really like to see this guy live, although I have no Idea what sound he has now! Pretty sure it’s still my favorite techno song, up there with Chemical Brother’s Boxer and Harder, Stronger, Faster by Daft Punk.

Bowie 2001

3 Aug

Gotta love twitter spambots. They just showed me the way to this. It’s a remix of the 2001: A space odissey soundtrack with David Bowie songs. It’s a free download on low bitrate, I’m getting it!

UPDATE : there’s a movie too. Nice!