Godisdead and One-Hit Wonders

27 Jun

Often you hear people talk about one-hit wonders, usually used with a depreciating connotation, implying that the band got lucky this one time, and doesn’t really know how to write good songs. I think it can hardly be a matter of a hit, or of a wonder for that matter, but it got me thinking. This song is so evocative and layered, it says so much, that listening to other songs by the band actually took away from the first song, and their other songs aren’t half bad either. But this one, it just sound like grief for something long lost, or that was never there in the first place. The verse “it’s a shame, but god is dead” puts it perfectly, as if they were celebrating the end of innocence, a jubilee for the disenchantment of the universe. I guess I read so much into it, and the sound is so subtle, that anything demistifying this would just lessen it. So here’s hoping these guys stay a “one-hit wonder” or blow my hat further off in the future.


Purity Ring – Crawlersout

27 Jun

Holy Hipster, Batman! But it’s a nice song.

Junip – Your Life Your Call

11 Jun

Apparently a swedish band, which I stole from my London cousin’s Spotify playlist. You know Londoners, right, they know all the cool bands.

Mount Kimbie – Blood and Form at the Boiler Room

11 Jun

So I really wanted to share a Daft Punk song, but GEMA doesn’t want me too. So here’s Mount Kimbie live. The most minimal drum line i’ve heard in a long time.

Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray

4 Jun

And it just so happens that Mount Kimbie’s new record “Cold Spring Fault Less Youth” (???? WUUUTTT??) doesn’t disappoint. Not at all. For me at least. Nice to see what these guys been up to.

Crystal Castles – Not In Love

4 Jun

Getting up to date with these guys. Every bit as weird and noisy as Justice was back in the day. Not sure if I really am able to ever enjoy this. But this song is fun, if only because it’s The Cure’s lead singer collaborating with some weird electro-punk-noise act.

Johannes Brahms – Wiegenlied (Lullaby)

4 Jun

Ok, haven’t been around here for pretty much ages. I’ve been changing the musical style of my listening lately. I guess the song I’ve listened to the most lately is this one.

Universally known lullaby, which soothes babies left and right everywhere. More specifically, I’ve been usually listening to it under these conditions:

So, well it’s not exactly my favorite song, but, I mean, does it really matter?