My favourite Music of 2014

23 Dec

So, year’s almost over. Time to look back and reminisce, right? Well, musically it was quite a sweet year. I started out with an internship at Google in California, working on music recommendations actually. Which was pretty fun, got me to work with an awesome group of guys who’ve shown me a bunch of pretty cool music. Some of it stuck actually. Hundred Waters for example:

Weird, chilly sounds with a lot of feeling and a great vibe. Their album The moon rang like a bell hit me pretty hard and it’s been on repeat pretty often. Also, I’ve resisted for a long time, but eventually around July I caved in and accepted the awesomeness of Mac DeMarco. Guy is putting out some seriously killer music.

The dude is just an all around awesome guy, weird as fuck and just seems to weird up everything he walks by. He put out a 30 minute documentary about himself, and DAMN, it’s just so funny. I’ve gone back to listen to all his old stuff too, and it really holds up, though not all of it is as good as his last album “Salad Days”.

And then there was Parquet Courts. There was a strong hype about them going on for a couple of years. James Murphy from LCD soundsystem tweeted about them extensively, but I never really got their sound. And then eventually I did. And it’s 100% A-grade awesome. Think The Strokes, but grungier, caring less and funnier. Their first album from 2012 is packed with Garage Rock gems, such as “Borrowed Time” (below). Apart from that they also released two impressive albums this year. Sunbathing animal is pretty much in the same vein as their first one, but Content Nausea is more experimental, noisy and has some electronic stuff mixed in as well.

And as it has to be, they also released a documentary following their tour through mexico austin and london. Apparently that’s what the cool kids do nowadays.

2014 was also the year I found out about St. Vincent. One of those artists no one tells you about. She used to be a support guitarist for Sufjan Stevens, and is now doing her own thing for four albums I guess. She put out a solid record this year, but to be honest, I’m still not fully over her older stuff. Specially the Strange Mercy album, with songs like Surgeon or Northern Lights.

Plus, she’s also a damn badass guitarist, with some awesomely weird sounds and some crazy riffs here and there.

I’m pretty sure these were the highlights for me. Though I could go on. Disclosure rocked me pretty hard for some time there. I had a hardcore Caribou phase, and his new album is pretty sweet. Junip, TOPS, and what not. I’ll try to put some more stuff here soon.


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