Girl Walk – All Day

21 Mar

It’s hard to say what is the coolest about this. The awesome music by Girl Talk, the amazing dance moves of these guys or the amazed faces of the passers-by as they understand squat of what’s going on. I’ve only seen the first two chapters so far. But damn, this makes me happy!

This is the second chapter, my favorite song of the album called Let it Out.


Don’t know what album? Where the hell have you been? Girl Talk – All Day, free download here. And if you still don’t know what it’s all about check this breakdown of the sampled songs. It’s great music, nice dancing, but screw that. This is art, people, ART! Just kidding… not really!


One Response to “Girl Walk – All Day”


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    […] Jay-Z’s Black Album and mashed it up with Beatles’ White Album and god does that make Girl Talk happy. Anyhow, listen it up down […]

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